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Art For Cause Singapore (AFCSG) is a youth ground-up movement, which uses art as a medium, to raise awareness and inspire Singaporeans to care about, and actively participate in, or contribute to, the solutioning of current and future issues affecting Singapore, in order to build a more integrated, united and resilient Singapore.
The Our Heart for SG (OHFSG) Learning Gallery is the platform that showcases these artworks and reflections, where the public may come together to learn about current and future issues of Singapore, through a gamified experience.

Latest Announcements for Participating Schools

The Media page has already been updated with the news coverage for the gallery's presentation on 20 Aug 2021. Participating schools have already been credited at the museum and on !

[Re: 2021/22 Gallery Refresh] We heard you! The call for submissions (2021) has been EXTENDED to 18 August 2021, 12 pm, to cater to schools affected by the recent rise in COVID-19 cases. Contact us if you need further assistance!

[Re: 2021/22 Gallery Refresh] The first 3 schools featured on this year's online gallery are CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, Park View Primary School, and Pei Chun Public School! Stay tuned, more entries will be shared here soon: &

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Participate for 2022 Gift to SG – Celebrating Our Families at SG’s 57th: Stronger Together, Majulah!

Past Experience

Undeniably, because of COVID-19, the ways we live, work, study, and even meet with our family and friends have changed. Although this fight against COVID-19 could remain uncertain, Singapore has always turned challenges into opportunities due to our people’s grit, resilience, and united spirit.

Since the beginning of 2021, more than 100,000 young, youth and members of the public have already come together in spirit to put together a gift to Singapore containing more than 56,000 stories, well-wishes, and pledges to celebrate Singapore’s 56th year of independence.

As vaccination coverage increases among Singaporeans, we look forward to the new norm of living with endemic COVID-19 this 2021. In addition to presenting 56,000 stories, pledges, and well-wishes in the form of another SG Map time capsule, where every town and estate in Singapore has contributed, this year’s gift will also feature the Our Heart for SG learning gallery. As Singapore embarks on a new chapter where COVID-19 will no longer dominate our lives, this gallery gift contains 2020 and 2021 COVID-19 stories, reflections, pledges, and well-wishes.

As part of this year’s National Day Parade Our Heart for Singapore campaign, AFCSG engaged youth with the aim of dispelling Singaporeans ageism perception towards our seniors by:

  1. Raising Awareness – Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) held talks in schools on understanding ageing and engaging seniors.
  2. Connecting Youths & Seniors – Students tasked to get to know a senior better through conversational prompts aimed at learning more about life in Singapore decades ago.
  3. Contributing to NDP2020: Students expressed what they learnt by designing artworks inspired by the stories of old Singapore.
  4. Students reflected on the nuggets of wisdom gleaned from their interactions with senior and shared their hopes and pledges for the new decade.
  5. Creating A Ripple Effect – Artworks, films and reflections captured in the Learning Gallery inspire other Singaporeans.

“Celebrating Singapore, Appreciating Seniors” is our way of saying thanks and caring for the seniors, especially our Pioneer and Merdeka (P&M) Generations, who have contributed greatly to Singapore. As we come together to celebrate our nation’s birthday, let us reach out to those who made it possible!

2019 Pilot: >8,000 Pledges Collected, 5,400 consolidated into a digital birthday card for Singapore’s 54th (2019) and unveiled at 2019 National Day Heartlands Celebration (NDHC)

As supported by Art For Cause SG, a youth ground-up movement, which commemorates the sacrifices of our earlier generations.. it makes this all more meaningful.. 5,400 tribute postcards from the community for Singapore’s 54th, the first of its kind, a digital birthday card.

Mr Goh Peng Tong (BBM), Citizens' Consultative Committee ChairmanNDHC Media Conference (19 July 2019)

Find out more: NAC-AEP Directory Programmes

What do our young believe in and care deeply about? What kind of Singapore do they want to build? The messages students have penned amplify their voices and collective aspirations to work together for a stronger Singapore. Through participation in various community efforts, we help our young Singaporeans to experience how they can effect positive change, and play their part to build a Singapore that is an endearing home for themselves and for others

Mrs Tan Chen Kee, Divisional Director (Student Development Curriculum Division), Ministry of EducationOur Heart for SG Time Capsule Sealing & Presentation Event (7 August 2020)
Personally I feel that it’s important for our young to be engaged with the challenges or issues Singapore is facing now or in the future. While a deep understanding of the challenges may not always be there, a raised awareness is an imperative. The latter can be the impetus or starting point for our young to start thinking about the part they can play from a place of gratitude.

Ms Grace Ng, Principal, Methodist Girls’ School
The project gives students the opportunity to synthesise what they have learnt in our Arts Education Programme (LLP) and CCE, allowing them to appreciate our seniors through the artwork. We are grateful for this platform that grows our students as concerned citizens and active contributors to Singapore.

Mdm Rina Yap Siu Lin, Principal, Dazhong Primary School
It’s a wonderful opportunity for our children to express in art form their love for our country – what our country was like before and how she has grown through the sheer hard work of our people. …Just that this time round, our children join in the battle and experience resilience and togetherness!

Mdm V. Balakrishna, Principal, Fernvale Primary School
The OHFSG Learning Gallery is an amazing effort by Singaporeans for Singaporeans. It’s a celebration of the Singapore spirit and how this spirit that has seen our pioneering fathers thrive then, will continue to spur us on to overcome new challenges, including COVID-19. With one heart, we can achieve even more. This is one key learning point that our pupils take away from their participation. With a renewed focus, we will press on!

Mrs Elaine Quek, Principal, Maha Bodhi School
The OHFSG Learning Gallery presents good opportunities for our students to be engaged in authentic and meaningful activities that compliment school’s effort in CCE. By participating in this project, students get to better appreciate Singapore as a nation and develop a deeper sense of belonging to the larger community beyond the school. We are confident that this effort has developed a greater sense of pride for the nation in our student participants.

Mrs. ONG-LOH JM, Principal, Nan Chiau Primary School
We are glad to have afforded our students the experience to participate in OHFSG Gallery. It was heartening to know that our students enjoyed the conversations with the elderly and had great interest to hear their childhood stories of the past. Through this experience, students developed greater appreciation and empathy to understand the hardship that our pioneer generation went through and have learnt to appreciate the elderly and their grandparents more!
Ms Yap Hui Ching, Michelle (Ms), HOD (Aesthetics), Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)
We are personally heartened that even as a young child, we can inculcate in them the right belief and mindset to create a positive change for our nation during this volatile period. For our younger children, they may not fully understand the challenges that Singapore faces, but participating in this, sows a seed in them (to) start thinking about how they can serve the nation, in their own capacity, as they mature, and this resonates with our school values, care, service, resilience and teamwork.

Mdm Lim Meijing (SH CCE) & Mdm Elaine Tan (HOD CCE), Mee Toh School
I am heartened and feel a good sense of optimism for the future of Singapore after having had the opportunity to read the reflections and aspirations of the children. Our young children care for our community, our environment and Singapore. We have seen good discourse by the children to show care and concern for the elderly, and how they want to use technology to uplift Singapore. It is important that there are platforms to engage our children with issues that impact our nation.
Mr Koh Chin Thong, Principal, Henry Park Primary School
Through OHFSG, our students connected with their parents, grandparents and great grandparents to understand their rich experiences and depicted them in their artwork… I am humbled by our students’ hard work and heart work where we see possibilities and hope, and also a sense of care and gratitude during the pandemic. OHFSG has enabled a meaningful and memorable experience for our students.

Miss Oh See Moey, Principal, Park View Primary School
This pandemic has presented an invaluable opportunity to teach students about the greater things in life, especially on social responsibility and being resilient. By participating in the OHFSG gallery, it has helped students to focus more on the positive emotions, which strengthened them in dealing with adversity and helped them to understand that they, too, can contribute in this challenging times.

Mrs Grace Chua, Principal Sembawang Primary School
As a school, we are grateful for the learning opportunities for our Bedok Viewans through this project as they can learn and contribute hands-on to something beyond the school… students see how they can impact the broader community and nation by doing something simple, yet meaningful. This resonates strongly with the values we aim to nurture in our Bedok Viewans – with “service” being one of our school values.

Mdm Yvonne Teo, Principal of Bedok View Secondary School
I am very happy that our students with special needs were given the platform to showcase their talents and be a part of this purposeful and meaningful project. This initiative, embedding the theme of inclusiveness, really brings people from all walks of lives together and truly captures the essence and hope of Singaporeans especially during this pandemic situation.

Mrs Angela Lee, Principal, APSN Chaoyang School
Pathlight School is delighted to be part of this meaningful initiative. Students from our school’s Artist Development Programme (ADP) are provided with the opportunity to bond and learn from their elderly family members. It is comforting to hear from our students that they have learnt to appreciate what they have now and how they wish to contribute in their own ways to materialise their dreams for Singapore.

Ms Loy Sheau Mei, Senior Vice-Principal of Pathlight School
This OHFSG project is a good example of how our students can be engaged meaningfully, amidst the challenges that Singapore is facing. This is also what the new CCE 2021 Curriculum Framework aims to achieve with the three big ideas of Identity, Relationships and Choice. On the whole, this opportunity has evoked a stronger sense of pride and belonging amongst our Bedok Viewans.

Ms Deepa Nanwani Singh, HOD (CCE), Bedok View Secondary School
This project has allowed our JYians to apply in an authentic context, what they have learnt in Art and CCE. More importantly, it helped them to better appreciate the life they have and it is a timely reminder for our JYians to know that in times of crisis, just like how our pioneer generation stood resilient and showed tenacity in building a home in Singapore.

Mr Dayan Tan Ying Peng HOD (Aesthetics, ALP, LLP), Juying Secondary School
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