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1) The Our Heart for Singapore Learning Gallery’s partner government agencies to conduct talks to educate students on current and future affairs of Singapore. After the talks, student groups are tasked to get to know a senior better through conversational prompts aimed at learning more about life in Singapore decades ago.


Session 1(a) Objective / Learning Outcome: Students learn about current and future affairs, why they should care

(2×30 mins) Hands-on experience

  • Listening to talk and hands on by topic chosen by school
  • Additional Components/ Resources – Additional Component – Talk

Teaching Strategy for Additional Component: Hands-on talks by gov agencies (ref to photo) which are consistent to the other CCE/LLP/ALP programmes that the schools are doing. (ii) Schools may provide their motto and school values which included in the talk, so that students see the relevance to what they have been learning at school.

Description of Learning Activity for Additional Component: Schools may pick suitable gov agency talks according to their school’s Values-In-Action or LLP/ALP programmes.

Refer to for photos and videos of the programme soft run


2) (ii) Students go for guided production shoot (iii) Students learn and edit their team’s video to submit an end product


Session 1b Objective / Learning Outcome: Students learn about current and future affairs, why they should care

(2×30 mins) Filming

  • Listening to talk and hands on by topic chosen by school
  • Additional Components/ Resources – Additional Component – Talk

(Optional) Sessions 6-8 Objective / Learning Outcome: Production Shoot / Video Editing

Production Shoot (in Blocks of 4×30 mins) 

  • Production Shoot for all Shot Listing
  • Interview Recording

Video Editing (in Blocks of 4×30 mins) 

  • Continue from Previous Editing
  • Finalising the video



2) Students learn a technical skill with a MOE certified trainer in film production (i) Students learn script planning, camera handling and filming techniques


Session 2 Objective / Learning Outcome: Introduction

(1×30 mins) Exposure on different types of video genre via video samples | drama, documentary, advertisement and trailer

  • Introduction and running through details of the full training
  • Exposure on different types of video genre | drama, documentary, advertisement, reports, news and trailer
  • Introduce the different roles play in a video production | Director, Camera man, Editor etc

(1×30 mins) What is Report Video?

  • Understand the difference between documentary, news and report which commonly mistaken the same due to fair bit of similarities.
  • Understand the various formats on how to script their reports video

(1×30 mins) Understand your topic related to gov agency talks

  • Research points for the topic you do
  • Script to content planning
  • Plan your shots

(1×30 mins)  Research points for the topic you do

  • Script to content planning
  • Plan your shots

Session 3 Objective / Learning Outcome: Report Video Script Planning

(4×30 mins) Exposure on different types of video genre via video samples | drama, documentary, advertisement and trailer

  • Recap what they have gone through the first lesson
  • Using the given format and start to work on their topic given
  • Voice over dialog planning
  • Shot listing for the content shoot

Session 4 Objective / Learning Outcome: Understand Your Tools | Camera Handling & Filming Technique

(2×30 mins) Listen to talk & hands-on by award-winning MOE trainer

  • Understand the functions of the tools
  • How to make use of all- natural resources to handle camera
  • Using supports | Tripod, Monopod and Natural Support
  • Understand zoom, tilt, pan
  • Understand how to composite shots in screen

(2×30 mins) Listen to talk & hands-on by award-winning MOE trainer

  • Understand arranging of different angles
  • Understand of different types of microphones
  • 10 secs theory video shoot
  • Interview filming technique
  • Actual hands on
  • Logistic Planning

Session 5 Objective / Learning Outcome: Production Shoot | Video Editing

(2×30 mins) Hands-on

  • Introduction of post-production video editing
  • Understand different kinds of video formats, setting and TV standards
  • Introduction on software interface
  • Processing of video footage into computer
  • Cutting of shots
  • Transition and filter effects
  • Creating necessary text, subtitle and rolling credits
  • Understand how to effectively edit Chroma key effects
  • Understand how to add audio with copyrights guidance
  • Understand how to finalize the video with right formats for school presentation or competition submission



3) Students each submit a reflection about their experience on what they values they have learnt 4) Students help to inspire the public when their heartwarming films are featured in physical exhibitions yearly at the Our Heart for Sg Learning Gallery and in the regional libraries during the National Day Period as part of a gift to SG by our young and youth.

What did schools and the students on our past runs since 2020 say

(a) Sample Submissions (Part of) about experience by students

  • Refer to below carousel for excerpts from student submissions
  • E.g. Student film at an earlier run of the programme:
  • Students giveback to society by inspiring public: Artworks and videos to be showcased at our gallery collaboration with National Museum of Singapore (2020-2021) and National Gallery of Singapore (2022-2025): Video appended in this card
  • Straits Times, CNA broadcasts and news articles coverage here:

(b) Participating schools say programme fits MOE’s 20th century competencies’ swiss roll (appended at bottom of post)

  • Refer to below carousel for primary, secondary and special ed. school testimonials
  • 144 Schools Feedback Activities are in line with MOE’s Framework for 21CC and student outcomes:
  1. Core values: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Care, Resilience, Harmony
  2. Social and emotional competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making, Social Awareness, Relationship Management
  3. Necessary competencies for a globalised world: Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills, Critical and Inventive Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills



What Participating Students Say

Greendale Primary School

I learnt that my grandfather used to live near the Singapore River. At that time, it was very dirty. He remembered that he was not allowed to help clean up the Singapore River as he was too young. So he made sure no one was watching and picked up any trash he spotted along the walkway of the river! He took pride in keeping the area clean to the best of his abilities. Due to the efforts of the people in the past, the Singapore River is what it is today. I learnt that everyone has a part to play in order for change to take place.

– Jamie Lim

Pathlight School

I spoke to my grandmother. She has been selling Ice Kacang for over 50 years. Started at “Orh Kio Tau” and now at West Coast Market. Ah Ma sells sweet desserts to make everyone happy. Singapore has changed from trishaw dessert stall to now, a clean and nice hawker stall in the market. I feel proud to know my Ah Ma is so creative in making nice dessert for everyone.

– Janelle Seah

Bukit Panjang Govt. High School

I chose to focus on the livelihood (job) of my grandmother who told me about the times when she had to wake up early in the morning to help her mother make food that was to be sold that day. I learned that we have to be helpful and contribute to the household in any way possible.

– Natasha Tan

Chua Chu Kang Primary School

My grandmother was a teacher. I also interviewed my grandfather about his life as a student. Back then, girls did not go to school. When the government announced that girls could go to school, every parent firmly rejected the idea. The teachers were then told to go to each house and persuade the parents to send their children to school. Soon, more schools were built, teachers were found and admission began. From this artwork, I learnt a lot about the past and had fun interviewing my grandparents.

– Yashna Mehta

CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School (Sec)

Five stones was her favourite. I was very interested and asked if she could teach me. Two days later, she took the five stones she made, using a piece of fabric from an old jeans to wrap some rice inside. Then, she demonstrated how to play the game. I was quite amazed and had fun playing this game with my grandmother. This tightened my relationship with my grandmother and most importantly, I learnt that my grandmother was right, phones are not our everything.

– Inez Chai

CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent

My grandmother’s aunt was a hawker selling local snacks such as Tutu Kueh, Ang Ku Kueh and many others. Tutu Kueh became her favourite snack because she came from a poor family and had limited choices when it came to food, so she cherished every opportunity of being able to enjoy something new. I learnt more about traditional snacks in Singapore and the emotional meaning that my grandmother attaches to them.

– Evangeline Lim

Dazhong Primary School

I have decided to focus on my mother’s story as I felt it was very interesting. We have learned about Kampong in English and Social Studies. As such I was very intrigued to find out more about my mother’s childhood. One amusing fact that I gathered was that she had to bathe near the well as it was the source of their water. How fortunate are we that we have toilets in our own houses and that it is so accessible.

– Tiara Qistina

What Pri, Sec & SPED Schools Say

Ministry of Education

What do our young believe in and care deeply about? What kind of Singapore do they want to build? The messages students have penned amplify their voices and collective aspirations to work together for a stronger Singapore. Through participation in various community efforts, we help our young Singaporeans to experience how they can effect positive change, and play their part to build a Singapore that is an endearing home for themselves and for others.

-Mrs Tan Chen Kee, Divisional Director (Student Development Curriculum Division)

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

We are glad to have afforded our students the experience to participate in #OurHeartForSG (OHFSG) Learning Gallery. We incorporated the learning into our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) which aims to help students develop empathy and build social awareness. 

It was heartening to know that our students enjoyed the conversations with the elderly and had great interest to hear their childhood stories of the past. Through this OHFSG arts experience, our students developed greater appreciation and empathy to understand the hardship that our pioneer generation went through and have learnt to appreciate the elderly and their grandparents more!

– Ms Yap Hui Ching, Michelle, Head of Department (Aesthetics)

Juying Secondary School

This project has allowed our JYians to apply in an authentic context, what they have learnt in Art and CCE, to express their gratitude in written and artistic forms. More importantly, it helped them to better appreciate the life they have and it is a timely reminder for our JYians to know that in times of crisis, just like how our pioneer generation stood resilient and showed tenacity in building a home in Singapore, it is the same grit and perseverance that we will need to possess to fight the Covid-19 pandemic together and emerge stronger as one nation.

– Mr Dayan Tan Ying Peng, (HOD / Aesthetics, ALP, LLP)

Dazhong Primary School

The OurHeartforSG experience has given our students an opportunity to appreciate the resilience of the pioneer generation and the contributions they made to nation-building. Reflecting on how our pioneers had stood up to the challenges of their times gives us strength to build collective resilience especially in this pandemic. The project also gives students the opportunity to synthesise what they have learnt in our Arts Education Programme (LLP) and CCE, allowing them to appreciate our seniors through the artwork. We are grateful for this platform that grows our students as concerned citizens and active contributors to Singapore.  

-Mdm Rina Yap Siu Lin, Principal

Park View Primary School

Through OHFSG, our students connected with their parents, grandparents and great grandparents to understand their rich experiences and depicted them in their artwork. They have expressed their aspirations and dreams for Singapore in their narratives. I am humbled by our students’ hard work and heart work where we see possibilities and hope, and also a sense of care and gratitude during the pandemic. I am grateful for our PVPS Family in educating our students with character, supporting them to champion good causes and contributing positively to our community. OHFSG has enabled a meaningful and memorable experience for our students.

-Miss Oh See Moey, Principal

Bedok View Secondary School

This project and the OHFSG learning gallery are good examples of how our students can be engaged meaningfully, amidst the challenges that Singapore is facing.  When students start to think beyond themselves, they have a better sense of appreciation for the others around them – on an individual, community and national level. This is also what the new CCE 2021 Curriculum Framework aims to achieve with the three big ideas of Identity, Relationships and Choice.  On the whole, this opportunity has evoked a stronger sense of pride and belonging amongst our Bedok Viewans, knowing that they have contributed to the gift to SG.

– Ms Deepa Nanwani Singh, Head of Department of Character & Citizenship Education

APSN Chaoyang School

I am very happy that our students with special needs were given the platform to showcase their talents and be a part of this purposeful and meaningful project. This initiative, embedding the theme of inclusiveness, really brings people from all walks of lives together and truly captures the essence and hope of Singaporeans especially during this pandemic situation.

-Mrs Angela Lee, Principal

Pathlight School

Pathlight School is delighted to be part of this meaningful initiative. Students from our school’s Artist Development Programme (ADP) are provided with the opportunity to bond and learn from their elderly family members. It is comforting to hear from our students that they have learnt to appreciate what they have now and how they wish to contribute in their own ways to materialise their dreams for Singapore. In this current challenging time, coming together as ONE despite our differences to support and encourage one another is essential for us to overcome the odds and emerge stronger together.

-Ms Loy Sheau Mei, Senior Vice-Principal

Methodist Girls’ School

I feel that it’s important for our young to be engaged with the challenges or issues Singapore is facing now or in the future. While a deep understanding of the challenges may not always be there, a raised awareness is an imperative. The latter can be the impetus or starting point for our young to start thinking about the part they can play from a place of gratitude.

– Ms Grace Ng, Principal

Sembawang Primary School

This pandemic has presented an invaluable opportunity to teach students about the greater things in life, especially on social responsibility and being resilient. By participating in the OHFSG project, it has helped students to focus more on the positive emotions, which strengthened them in dealing with adversity and helped them to understand that they, too, can contribute in this challenging times.

-Mrs Grace Chua, Principal

Henry Park Primary School

I am heartened and feel a good sense of optimism for the future of Singapore after having had the opportunity to read the reflections and aspirations of the children. Our young children care for our community, our environment and Singapore. We have seen good discourse by the children to show care and concern for the elderly, and how they want to use technology to uplift Singapore. It is important that there are platforms to engage our children with issues that impact our nation.

-Mr Koh Chin Thong, Principal

Bedok View Secondary School

As a school we are grateful for the learning opportunities for our Bedok Viewans through this project as they can learn and contribute hands-on to something beyond the school. This allows students to see how they can impact the broader community and nation by doing something simple, yet meaningful. This resonates strongly with the values we aim to nurture in our Bedok Viewans – with “service” being one of our school values. 

– Mdm Yvonne Teo, Principal

Fernvale Primary School

It’s a wonderful opportunity for our children to express in art form their love for our country – what our country was like before and how she has grown through the sheer hard work of our people. We experienced difficult times in our past but we fought the waves of adversity to emerge stronger and united. Now a micro-organism is attempting to disrupt our lives but with that same fighting spirit we bore before, we will not give in. Just that this time round, our children join in the battle and experience resilience and togetherness! “We did it before. We’ll do it again. Our Singapore Spirit!”

-Mdm V. Balakrishna, Principal 

Nan Chiau Primary School

This project and the OHFSG learning gallery presents good opportunities for our students to be engaged in authentic and meaningful activities that compliment school’s effort in CCE.  It is important that our students are engaged in the discourse of the past, present and future of Singapore and to have a deeper understanding of their role as citizens.  By participating in this project, students get to better appreciate Singapore as a nation and develop a deeper sense of belonging to the larger community beyond the school as they reflect upon and think about what it means to be Singaporean.  We are grateful for this opportunity and we are confident that this effort has developed a greater sense of pride for the nation in our student participants.  

-Mrs. ONG-LOH JM, Principal

Mee Toh School

Having our students participate in the OHFSG project and time capsule initiative serves as a good reminder that every pledge and contribution matters. We are personally heartened that even as a young child, we can inculcate in them the right belief and mindset to create a positive change for our nation during this volatile period. Our children’s actions also influenced their circle of loved ones and vice versa. This also highlights to them about the importance of the circle of influence.  It goes to show no matter how small we are, as long as we are in it together, we create big changes and a stronger Singapore. Inculcating the love for Singapore starts small and starts young. For our younger children, they may not fully understand the challenges that Singapore faces, but participating in this, sows a seed in them. They will start thinking about how they can serve the nation, in their own capacity, as they mature, and this resonates with our school values, care, service, resilience and teamwork.

-Mdm Lim Meijing (SH CCE) & Mdm Elaine Tan (HOD CCE)

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