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Q: How can we add our recognition from NDP website to our own school’s website?

You may find the following suggested info helpful for school/your IT department if your school is including your participation under your school’s achievements on your own website. 

1. Titles for achievement

      • Our Heart for Singapore x NDP2020: Together, A Stronger Singapore (Recognition)
      • Our Heart for Singapore x NDP2021: Together, Our Singapore Spirit (*Recognition / Merit / Appreciation) *Refer to your department certs

2. Image

      • use the attached photo in email sent to you:  
      • or photos you have taken at the gallery acknowledging your school’s participation

3. Link

4. Write up

Undeniably, because of COVID-19, the ways we live, work, study, and even meet with our family and friends have changed. Although this fight against COVID-19 could remain uncertain, Singapore has always turned challenges into opportunities due to our people’s grit, resilience, and united spirit.

Since the beginning of 2021, more than 100,000 young, youth and members of the public have already come together in spirit to put together a gift to Singapore containing more than 56,000 stories, well-wishes, and pledges to celebrate Singapore’s 56th year of independence.

As vaccination coverage increases among Singaporeans, we look forward to the new norm of living with endemic COVID-19 this 2021. In addition to presenting 56,000 stories, pledges, and well-wishes in the form of another SG Map time capsule, where every town and estate in Singapore has contributed, this year’s gift will also feature the Our Heart for SG learning gallery. As Singapore embarks on a new chapter where COVID-19 will no longer dominate our lives, this gallery gift contains 2020 and 2021 COVID-19 stories, reflections, pledges, and well-wishes.

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