The 'Together, We Build a Stronger Singapore' game at the Natl Museum of SG is open for booking now!

RSVP your school’s availability by Monday, 15 Nov 2021, 1159pm.

Link goes live from: Nov 16, 2021 09:30 AM Singapore
Meeting ID: 846 3609 8853
Passcode: 174525


GOH will address the below groups at the event in the GOH’s speech.

  1. School leaders, HOD or SH CCE, NE, Aesthetics/Art, English, Mother Tongue*, CCA & Student leader development
  2. ST who have implemented OHFSG 2020/2021 activities or will be implementing 2022 activities
  3. Exhibiting students!

At the event,

  1. info kit of all 2021 activities mentioned in speech becomes available for direct download in the zoom chat
  2. teachers / HOD / SH to request for the no. of teacher portal directly accounts your school/ department will require, link for the request will be shared in zoom chat

*For the first time, in 2022, besides featuring student artworks and artist statements, the OHFSG National Day showcase at National Museum will also accept and exhibit short story submissions in the four official languages. 

FAQs: Pre-Event Admin

  • Schools admitted into the zoom event based on your school name.
  • Photo-taking Formal photos – You will be representing your school.
    • The vendor will also take formal virtual event screenshot selfies of virtual participants during the GOH speech.
    • Special photos – Helps vendor to ensure the special selfies taken later will be unique / have at least one different school per photo.
  • Therefore, recommended naming convention for your zoom name: E.g. Radin Mas Pri or RMPS
    • How to change your zoom name: Instructions from (page 1)

  • On safe distancing: Maximum 2 per screen e.g. teacher accompanying student, maintain 1m distancing.
  • On naming convention: The purpose is to make your names unique yet still identifiable to the vendor, as he is arranging for sequencing for the special selfie later on.
  • If you have more than 1 screen attending, please change your school name to
    • First attendee E.g. Radin Mas Pri(1) or RMPS(1)
    • Second attendee E.g. Radin Mas Pri(2) or RMPS(2)
  • Please be punctual.
  • Schools may RSVP more than once. If you are sure you will be on the call, BUT unsure how many screens will join from your school, please RSVP for yourself. Other screens to RSVP on their own.
  • 1) RSVP – we need to know if your school will be represented, as present schools will be highlighted in the list of 170 schools
    • The screen looks like (orange, present schools)
  • 2) Print the cert, if you haven’t done so -for one of the selfies
  • 3) Change your school name for admittance and the (i) formal and (ii) special photo-taking.
    • You may refer to instructions on page 1 for how to do so:

FAQs: During the Event

  • During GOH speech, formal selfies (screenshots of participants)
  • During GOH speech, photo of school names present out of 170 supporting schools(shown on the 2×55-inch TV screens):
  • After GOH speech, special selfie with GOH (With certs and Without certs) to mark hybrid physical-digital zoom event(the 2×55-inch TV screens)
  • 1. Your cue:
    • Once you accept the invite, the vendor will be sweeping you into separate rooms to show as many different schools as possible on two different zoom screens can be displayed on both 55-inch TV screens.
  • 2. Note: During the special selfie-taking process, you will not be able to see the actual selfie being taken at the museum.
    • This may take up to 15 minutes(do not panic, host will continue to engage you in the chat).
    • You will see these screens instead:
  • 3. When the special selfie ends, you will be notified in the chat by the host and you will see this screen.
    • Note: This is still not the end of the event yet, so please stay on the call. Resources for schools to request for the no. of teacher portals and download the info kit will be pasted in the chat for you to directly access.
  • Joining / Rejoining the call
    • Before 1015am, please rejoin using the above zoom meeting details.
    • After 1015am, please rejoin, the zoom vendor(host) will let you in eventually, you may need to wait for a few minutes. e.g., At 1015 am, the vendor may pause admittance for a while to accommodate the special selfie.
      • Several photos will be taken, so no worries, you will not miss the photos. e.g., At 1015 am, the vendor may pause admittance for a while to accommodate the special selfie.
  • For other technical help: Please chat with the host once you are admitted in the zoom call.
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