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The Our Heart for Singapore Learning Gallery tells the story of how standing together for Singapore is not just a National Day affair. In facing COVID-19, we have witnessed the importance of Singaporeans coming together to build a stronger Singapore for all of us to live in.

Coming through the challenging COVID-19 pandemic with a renewed sense of togetherness, and a greater appreciation of what we have, let's look ahead to a brighter future, and remain steadfast in our commitment to build a home of hope and opportunity for all!
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NDP 2023 aspires to achieve three outcomes – to call upon Singaporeans to look forward confidently, to strengthen the unity of Singaporeans, and to inspire Singaporeans to come together to build a shared future. With our students and youths sharing their thoughts and dreams for Singapore, we hope to inspire many others to reaffirm the “can-do” spirit of Singaporeans in overcoming any challenges, to continue pursuing their passion and dreams, while helping others along the way. Onward as One!- COL. Terence Ho, NDP2023 Chairman EXCO
The OHFSG Learning Gallery brings together Singaporeans from all walks of life and ages in a unique manner to reflect upon our nation’s journey and achievements. This year, as we celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday, we also mark the progress we’ve made in resuming our lives after the COVID-19 pandemic. The birthday wishes gathered here represent our strong optimism and determination to move forward as one. Our Singapore story is one of grit and resilience. I hope these remarkable Singapore traits and each amazing tale will live on from generation to generation.- Ms Low Yen Ling Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Chairman of Mayors’ Committee & Mayor of South West District
Our youth are the next wave of pioneers of Singapore’s future, and we can take heart and be confident in them because they have stepped up and displayed tenacity and courage in the face of these unprecedented challenges. To our youth, continue to inspire us all with your passion and drive. Continue to step out of your comfort zones to effect positive change and help us all emerge stronger as one Singapore.- Mr David Chua Chief Executive Officer, National Youth Council
AIC aims to create a vibrant care community for our people to live well and age gracefully. As part of this care community, our youth play a crucial role to understand, engage and support our seniors, whether it is as part of their families, or within the communities. Fostering such bonds will enable us to emerge stronger together, particularly during this challenging period. Our wish is for our youth to open their hearts, extend their minds and reach out their hands to our seniors to help create a Singapore that is one of the best places to age well in and that we can be all proud of.- Mr Tan Kwang Cheak Chief Executive Officer, Agency for Integrated Care
Our Singapore Spirit stands on the collective belief that we can overcome all odds and realise our dreams of a better future. It brings us together as Singaporeans, and gives us the strength to adapt, innovate and persevere through good times and bad ones. For as long as the Singapore Spirit lives in our hearts, we can be confident that we did it before, and we will do it again.- BG Tan Cheng Kwee, NDP2021 Chairman EXCO
This year is an opportunity to reflect on our experiences, both individually and collectively. What has this year meant for me; my loved ones, my country? It is also an opportunity for people to look ahead to the future and pledge to make a positive difference. OHFSG represents our hope that people will share these contributions and commitments. Taken together, the project forms our collective memory of this time and demonstrates that as one people, we will emerge stronger and even more resilient. Together, we truly are a Stronger Singapore!- BG Frederick Choo, NDP2020 Chairman EXCO
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